When you begin using this product, your lips will go through an exfoliation process, shedding dead skin and build up from previous wax-based products. A sugar scrub may aid in speeding up this process!

LipSense repairs dry, cracked lips if worn long enough (I even put gloss on before bed!). Remember to avoid other products on your lips as it may interfere with LipSense’s durability.

It’s always great to begin with clean and dry lips – this allows the colour to adhere properly and without interference.


STEP 1: Line with LinerSense (or you can use a fine brush with LipSense instead).

STEP 2: SHAKE YOUR COLOUR WELL! With lips parted, place applicator on the corner of your bottom lip and spread a thin coat in a full sweeping motion to the opposite corner. Do not move the applicator back and forth! This will cause uneven colouring, and in some cases, erasing colour on your lip. Let the colour dry completely before applying next coat!

STEP 3: For top lip, begin at cupid’s bow and sweep applicator toward each corner. Let dry before applying second coat.

STEP 4: Second and third coats: repeat steps 2 and 3. Be sure to dry thoroughly in between coats.

STEP 5: Apply gloss (it’s good to use Glossy gloss first to set the colour. Then you can use any LipSense gloss of your choice!)

STEP 6: You’re finished! Enjoy your waterproof, kiss, smear and budge-proof pucker!


  • The gloss must be used to set the colour
  • Layer multiple colours (don’t forget to dry thoroughly in between) to get a custom look. You can get 27 looks from just 3 colours!
  • LipSense is temperature sensitive (hot and cold). Do not put into the freezer or keep it in your car!
  • Apply gloss before and after meals (grease and alcohol break down the colour), at bedtime and throughout the day. It’s moisturizing!
  • If you find that your LipSense colour is streaking, even with thin layers, try wiping your lips with witch hazel. Let this dry thoroughly and then begin the application process.


You can use Oops! Remover, or Neutrogena soap. Apply removal product to lips and let it sit for one minute or so. With a warm, wet cloth, wipe away the colour. Repeat as many times as necessary.


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