We all know that the eyes are the window to the soul, and sometimes it’s fun to dress that window up a bit, either all the time or occasionally. Regardless of how often you wear eye make-up, it’s great to use a product that is easy, lasts all day, and is worry-free. All prices shown do not include HST and shipping and handling may be applicable.

ShadowSense – $27.00

ShadowSense is a smooth and creamy colour that is easy to apply and blend on it’s own or with other shades. Shades come in Matte or Shimmer, and the formula includes the anti-aging SenePlex Complex for the protection of the delicate eye area.

EyeSense Liner – $27.00

EyeSense Liquid Eye Liner is waterproof, smear and budge-proof, and can help you create effortless, crisp lines that last all day. Fine applicator brush is included, and can assist you in creating thin or thick lines. It goes on smooth and lasts all day!








BrowSense – $27.00

Let’s face it, brows have never been so important in trends as they are now! In four shades, BrowSense doesn’t disappoint! Like LipSense, this all day product is water, smudge and budge-proof.








LashSense Waterproof Mascara – $27.00

LashSense is rich pigmented colour (choose from brown or black) that is long-lasting and is waterproof, smudge, smear and budge-proof. The formula helps to separate, volumize and shape lashes.







LashExtend – $60.00

LashExtend is a product to naturally enhance your lashes and are available in black, brown or clear formulas. It’s applied to the base of the lashes and then will extend in length.