I am not a professional photographer, but have loved photography and taking pictures for a long time now. When I’m behind the lens of a camera there are mixed senses – peace, creativity and excitement. Peace because I can feel “in the moment”, creativity because so much can be done with pictures, and excitement because the moment you capture something amazing, the ¬†possibilities are endless.

I love landscapes – especially the ones in the Niagara Region. There is just something about walking over to the Horseshoe Falls and being in the moment, the sounds of thundering water and seeing the wonder on tourists’ faces. There is a certain picnic spot along the Parkway that I often visit; it’s a tranquil space along the Niagara River with benches, picnic tables and lots of places to sit. I go there when I need a space to think, meditate, or just take in some peace. With that, comes taking photos.

I grew up in a small town in Ontario and I moved to Niagara when I was 19. However, I like to go back to Shelburne to visit friends and family and yes, of course, take photos. There are some amazing places to shoot where there are abandoned barnes, broken down fences, and of course wildlife.

Here is the space where I will post some of the photos I capture, and hope you will see as much beauty in them as I do. Below is a gallery and I will be updating this page weekly.