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Cleanser, Daytime and Evening Moisturizers

I have oily skin, like really embarrassing oily skin in my T-zone and despite trying the abundance of advertised products out there, I had not found anything that I would even remotely say I was satisfied with. Before, when I washed my face using designer and drugstore brand products, my skin would feel temporarily clean, but would also feel tight and sometimes itchy. It wasn’t abnormal for it to become red and irritated and soon after would be a slick mess. It wouldn’t matter if I wore foundation or powder, my face would be an oily mess within an hour or sometimes less. Obviously this is as embarrassing as it is frustrating. So, when I started my journey with SeneGence, I was excited to learn there was a skincare line for oily to normal skin, but unfortunately at the time it was out of stock. Eventually the face wash became available and I wanted to get my grubby little hands on it as soon as possible – which I did and I loved it! The Vanuatu ash acted as an exfoliant and my skin wasn’t red or irritated after using it. Did I notice an improvement regarding oily skin? Yes! Although, the relief wasn’t all day, but five to six hours was a drastic improvement. Not to mention it felt so good to use it on my skin with zero residue left afterward.

Now after falling in love with the cleanser, I knew I needed to try out the moisturizers in the normal to oily line. This is a concern as I want to have smooth and supple skin, but I don’t want that awful oily and slick feeling leading me back to square one. As I said earlier, I have tried other products on the market designed for oily skin, and I have been less than thrilled with them, so investing in moisturizing products… well, you can imagine my trepidation. However, as a woman just over 40, I’m noticing fine lines and wrinkles and while I know I’m not going to have the skin of a 20 year old, I don’t want to look my age or *gasp* older. And really, what do I have to lose? If I don’t like the product, then I don’t have to champion it – not to mention the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The results so far have been rather surprising, although it hasn’t been six or even eight weeks yet. I’m going to start with the DayTime Moisturizer – it goes on incredibly well and I’ve found that I don’t have to slather the product on. I use only one pump and like many SeneGence products, just a little bit does a whole lot! In the beginning, I used it first thing in the morning after washing my face and to give it the purest chance, I held off from wearing foundation for a week. I noticed that my face felt really moisturized, it was smoother and didn’t feel irritated. This is a major plus. As for oiliness, the results were rather unbelievable – there were zero gross oily dots on my nose and forehead! I didn’t feel any slickness and my breakouts improved. Ugh! Yes, I failed to mention that at 41 years old I often suffer from regular acne breakouts. The cleanser itself helped with this but combined with the daytime moisturizer, wow! In the beginning after washing my face I applied the DayTime moisturizer for overnight and wanted to improve cellular renewal for even better results. I wanted to work on not only controlling oil, but to improve cellular renewal overnight and start seeing results in the quality of my skin.

Now with the fear of wasting time and money behind me, I went full throttle and purchased the Evening moisturizer and the EyeCreme. To begin my nighttime regime, I wash my face, making sure I take the time to work the product in, rinse and pat dry gently. The evening moisturizer is thick yet silky, and again only a bit will do. Apply and gently rub in – make sure to be careful around your eyes and use light pressure. After applying product to face and neck, allow to soak in before the next step.

Now let me tell you about the EyeCreme. Firstly, it’s a solid that once warmed becomes smooth and silky and actually quite slick. Only a little will do is an understatement here. Because it emulsifies once it is warmed, only a tiny bit is necessary. I dab a little around my eyes and eyelids and gently work it in, and I stress the gently part since this area is very delicate. Now word of warning, I find that it doesn’t completely soak in so it will feel ‘greasy’ to the touch afterward, but soaks in overnight, and after only weeks, I feel the difference in the quality of my skin.

I’m not going to lie to you. Improving your skin takes patience, time and the right products. Is SeneGence right for you? Maybe or maybe not. But I suggest you try it! I have samples of the cleanser and moisturizers (for different skin types) as well as Climate Control. Also, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all SeneGence products, what do you have to lose? And to sweeten the deal, I’m offering new customers a 10% discount on the purchase of a skincare set (face wash, day time moisturizer and evening moisturizer) – no expiry date! Are you interested in making a purchase? Contact me. Still on the fence? There are samples available – just ask.


1.  Take your time! The ingredients in the skincare are exotic and luxurious. Bask in it and let them do their job. You spent your hard earned money on the product, so let it work for you.

2.  When rinsing your face after applying the face wash, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Afterward, splash your face with cold water.

3.  While applying moisturizer around your eye area, use your ring fingers as you will naturally apply gentle pressure.

4.  Routine, routine, routine. Schedule skincare and make it a routine; for best results be sure not to skip an application.

5.  Make yourself a priority. We’re all busy with work, our families, friends, etc. However, you need *you* time, after all, you deserve it!

~ Kiki



Like most women, I love a good foundation. I especially love a foundation that goes on smoothly without any weird smears that won’t blend in and doesn’t feel like my face is plastered in make up. If you prefer the same, MakeSense Foundation is for you!

For years I have tried many foundations including MAC Cosmetics, Christian Dior, Maybeline, L’Oreal and L’ancome. Out of these, Dior’s Forever Perfect was my running favourite – that is of course, until I tried SeneGence. 

What made me switch?  Originally I didn’t think I would. I have been using Dior for the past three years, but after starting with SeneGence, I found it important to try it so I could offer my opinion, originally believing I would return to my Dior (for one I hate waste, and secondly because it took years to find a foundation I loved so much). After trying it for a month, I found that it blended so beautifully and it matched my skin tone better than my usual go to. MakeSense foundation contains SenePlex complex, part of their anti-aging system so it is also great for your skin. And most of all, it goes on light and doesn’t feel as though I’m wearing a mask of plastered on make up. 

Now please note that this is not a heavy full coverage foundation. However if you mix it with the Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, BAM – that’s the ticket! And, I have to also mention that even with doing this, it still doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

Another great advantage of it? It’s waterproof and wears all day! When I wear it over my Normal to Oily moisturizer, my skin is still matte and doesn’t feel icky or greasy!

Now with a bottle of Forever Perfect still in my makeup bag, I wanted to finish it now that I tried the MakeSense. I still love Dior’s but *gasp* I like the MakeSense better. Why? Well Dior’s blends as beautifully as MakeSense, but there is a residual that sits atop of my skin, and my skin felt really slick and greasy after a few hours. When a girl is trying to have matte and healthier skin (all day!), this is a big set back. So, MakeSense Foundation, you have me! Take my money!! 

Do you want to take the foundation for a spin on your skin? Contact me and let’s talk! 

~ Kiki